Welcome to our updated fan website gomarinasirtis.com.  We have been online for several years, originally focusing on the campaign to see Marina as the next Doctor on “Doctor Who”.  We have been active on twitter and hope that you will join us there as well.  We are fans of Marina’s in Canada and have been lucky to meet her several times.  Like many others, we watched “Star Trek The Next Generation” loyally and admired Deanna Troi.  When we met Marina in person, we found we liked her even more than the character of Deanna. We found Marina to be witty, intelligent, spontaneous, caring, and having a great memory for people. We continue supporting Marina as the Doctor (Marina4theDoctor!) and have a new campaign to see Marina on “Coronation Street” ('Marina for Corrie, please!'). We will be updating the site as often as possible and now have a blog. If you are viewing this site on a mobile device, it is responsive, but easier to read if you hold your device sideways. Cheers!

Marina Sirtis

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