May 2016: Marina Visits Canada

We got back several days ago from Northern Ontario Expo in Timmins, Canada.  Marina Sirtis was the main guest, along with Walter Jones of the “Power Rangers.”   On the first day of the weekend con, Marina arrived in the morning at her table and photo ops soon got underway.  We were able to get Marina some lunch that day and she just wanted poutine from the canteen she had passed! She really does love poutine, never mind any other foods while in Canada.  Marina even had more the next morning for breakfast as you could see in one of her  twitter posts that day.  Saturday afternoon was Marina’s Q&A panel.  She complimented the Klingons in the audience and noted that the “Klingon chick” was attractive.  Marina answered questions about “Star Trek”, including her saddest episode to film (“All Good Things”) and her most fun episode to film (“A Fistful of Datas”).  Marina, who has said one of her dreams is to appear on U.K. t.v. series  “Coronation Street”, said she could appear working at the pub (or owning it!), since she knows how to tend bar.  As always, Marina gave a lively talk and entertained the audience with her stories.  If you have ever been to one of Marina’s Q&A’s, you will know she is a one woman powerhouse and gives a stand-up comedy show!  Later in the day, Marina taped a  sit-down interview with two hosts from  Eastlink Cable.

On Sunday, Marina greeted fans at her table again and posed for more photo ops.  She also visited several vendor tables at the con to get in some shopping. Marina taped an interview with CTV News which aired later that day in Canada.  She was also kind enough to  do an audio interview with us about her work in the theatre.  We are now transcribing the interview, and will also have the audio online soon at the Credits: Theatre page.  It has been a pleasure to liaise with a number of individuals and organizations in the U.K. regarding photos of Marina’s stage work which we will also be adding.  We hope to expand the Theatre area of the website in the months to come, as more material becomes available.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in the north and thank Marina for her time, kindness, smiles and the laughter she shared with everyone!  Below are some more photos from the con, in addition to some we posted previously on twitter.  Cheers!

Marina with some Tottenham Hotspur necessities from

Marina takes the stage for her Q&A on Saturday

End of the day interview with Eastlink

Marina Sirtis with Walter Jones of the “Power Rangers” – a super nice guy!

In case you missed seeing Marina’s fashionable boots during taping of the CTV news interview

Marina gets serious for her CTV news interview

Even the CTV news interviewer fits in a post-interview selfie with Marina!

Welcome to

Um, Is That Ground Beef Suet or in a Box?

Hello! We’re Lora and Ronnie, Canadian fans of Marina Sirtis.  We had our website online for several years and got to where we wanted to expand it, revise it, update it. We began last October learning how to set up a wordpress website, even though we had only learned to pronounce wysiwyg awhile ago. Now it was add spacers, things called widgets, watching those sidebars and learning custom css.  Holy smokes it was like a new world. Ronnie was busy going through the photos and the dvd collection.  Except for film/tv captures, we purchased copyrights for pics (such as the many Harry Langdon photos you see on the site) where possible, and where it says “collection”, paid for use of other photos. We have tried to respect and credit the property of others as much as possible in working on the website. While Ronnie cropped photos, I kept busy gathering material that needed to be typed (I learned keyboarding on something called an Olivetti back in the day.)

Just a few days ago, we were working on the Cooking section and I was transcribing one of Marina’s favourite dishes, Steak & Kidney Pudding, in a recipe by U.K. cook Delia Smith.  Ronnie said, you should make that recipe to see what it’s like (really he was wanting a livelier dinner than pork chops.) I began assembling the ingredients and went to the store to purchase something called “beef suet”.  I found the only suet in the store was the kind you hang in a red net to feed those little birds outside in the winter.  Surely Marina couldn’t have meant that suet in her tweet to the world when she said to add suet to the pastry.

Ronnie did a quick search online to see what “beef suet” was and let me know it is “something you grind up.” Hmmm, couldn’t be shortening like lard, I thought as I stood in the Crisco aisle. I called a friend and he said the kind of suet we were looking for is generally not available in stores in North America. He then went into a reverie about his “gran’s puddins and dumplings.” I left the store suetless and did more googling about the elusive ingredient.  We found that it is referred to in many old U.K. dishes to give extra zest (our friend wasn’t losing it after all imagining his gran’s cooking and “lively puff pastry”).  We even watched a video on how to render suet. Being suetless, I let Ronnie know that we wouldn’t be having the Kidney and Steak Pudding tonight, but maybe one day.

As I was transcribing the recipe for the WordPress visual editor (“the widget”) for the webpage, I wondered how people would feel if we just left the recipe list as it was and they too, went on the sad beef suet journey, to no avail.  Ronnie and his friends even came across a picture of a kind of suet in a box you could get, but only in the U.K.  Well, to get to the point of this first blog entry, we sent a message to Marina herself.  She must have thought this was one of the craziest questions she has gotten: um, is that beef suet, mutton, ground or the kind in a box? Well, happy to say Marina got back to us and she uses the suet in the box, the kind known as Atora.  We checked that out and saw it looks like lard in a box, but not same thing inside.   Best yet, it is available in North America on Amazon.

How many other celebrities would take the time to answer a question about suet or suet in a box? That’s precisely one of the MANY reasons we love Marina – she is down to earth, has a great sense of humour and is caring. We hope you will join us fans as we celebrate the work and doings of this super talented and lovely lady! (And yes, we will soon be having steak and kidney pudding, once the suet comes in the mail.)

A photo of Marina by Harry Langdon