Internity (Camila Chivari) 2016 development

Star Trek Continues (Computer Voice) 2013-2015

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Troi voice) 2014 Video Game

Adventure Time (Samantha) 2013 “The Pit”

NCIS (Orli Elbaz) 2013 “Past, Present, and Future”; “Berlin”

Bee and PuppyCat (Assign Bot/Double Mouth) 2013 

Young Justice (Queen Bee/Sandra/Mrs. Wheeler/L-4) 2011-2014 “Intervention”; “Beneath”; “Usual Suspects”; “Image”; “Bereft”

Castlevania: Hymn of Blood (Persena) 2012

La La Land (Daria) 2012 “Sorry Mr. Sanders”

Grey’s Anatomy (Sonya Amin) 2011 “This is How We Do It”

Make It or Break It (Dr. Anna Kleister) 2010 “Hope and Faith”; “Save the Last Dance”

The Cleveland Show (Woman) 2009 “Ladies’ Night”

Three Rivers (Layla Rahimi) 2009 “Place of Life”

Holby City (Lucy) 2008 “You’re So Vain”

Mass Effect (Matriarch Benezia) 2007 Video Game

Without a Trace (Alex Soros) 2006 “Fade Away”

Girlfriends (Gina Richards) 2006 "Party Over Here”; “Ain’t Nothing Over There”; “It’s Raining Men”

Family Guy (Deanna Troi) 2005 “Peter’s Got Woods”

The Closer (Layla Moktari) 2005 “L.A. Woman”

Star Trek: Enterprise (Deanna Troi) 2005 “These are the Voyages”

Threat Matrix (Dr. Nabila Hassan) 2003 “Doctor Germ”

Casualty (Jane Taylor, MP) 2001 “Something from the Heart”

Star Trek: Voyager (Deanna Troi) 1999-2000 “Inside Man”; “Life Line”; “Pathfinder”

Stargate SG-1 (Dr. Markov) 2000 “Watergate”

Earth: Final Conflict (Sister Margarette) 1999 “The Cloister”

The Outer Limits (Olivia Kohler) 1999 “The Grell"

Batman & Robin (Voice) 1998 Video Game

Diagnosis Murder (Mary Ann Eagin) 1998 “Murder at the Finish Line”

Star Trek: Generations (Deanna Troi) 1997 Video Game

Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man (Aurora Abromowitz voice) 1997 “Where No Duckman Has Gone Before”

Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (Demona and Young Woman voice) 1996 “Generations”

Gargoyles (Demona/Margot/Ms. Destine voice) 1994-96

Star Trek: The Next Generation-A Final Unity (Deanna Troi) 1995 Video Game

Heaven Help Us (Carolyn Paris) 1994 “The Badge”

The Fifth Corner (Camille) 1992 “Woman at Her Toilette”

Screen One (Maria) 1990 “One Last Chance”

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Counsellor Deanna Troi) 1987-1994

C.A.T.S. Eyes (Moll 3) 1987 “The Big Burn”

Hunter (Kale Scanlon) 1987 “Down and Under”

Room at the Bottom (Carla) 1986 “The Big Prize”

Call Me Mister (Sally) 1986 “The Carve Up”

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Lucrezia) 1986 “The Six Napoleons”

BBC's Switch On To English (Learning Game, Guest) 1985-86 two episodes

Up the Elephant and Round the Castle (Lisa) 1985 “The Spy Who Left Me”

Channel 4's Everybody Here (Storyteller) 1983-84 two episodes

Kelly Monteith (Girl) 1982 Episodes 4.5; 4.6

Speak For Yourself (Presenter) 1980-81 20 episodes

Minder (Stella) 1979 “Aces High and Sometimes Very Low”

Hazell (Melina Stassinopolus) 1978 “Hazell Goes to the Dogs”

Who Pays the Ferryman? (Ariadne) 1977 “Return to Yesterday”

Raffles (Faustina) 1977 “The Last Laugh”



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